Good Morning

More Snow! You got to love Wisconsin. Last Night I was up in Green Bay having dinner with family, After we were done dining we had to make the 1 hour drive home which took closer to 2 hours! While I was having difficulty seeing which lane I was in because of the driving snow fall my thoughts turned to how Long Haul/Regional Drivers deal with this situation all the time on the road. I think all of  us who don’t Drive Semi Trucks sometimes take Truck Drivers for granted. These Long Haul/Regional Drivers deal with this kind of weather everyday so we can keep Goods and Services moving in this Country…Next time we see a slow moving Semi Truck or one that might be holding up traffic a bit… We may want to take this into consideration before we Honk or use the universal hand gesture….And I say this knowing I myself have been guilty of this and I Rely on Long Haul/Regional Driver to make a living. Lets All try and treat these Drivers Better!


-Daniel M Flagstad