Hello Again,


I hope all you Drivers are staying warm in this recent Polar Vortex. Keeping the equipment moving is always a challenge this time of the year…that’s when you really appreciate your Maintenance Staff. Our Maintenance Staff here at Service One Transportation is an Excellent group guys! Hats off to Brian, Jeremy, Nelson and Nate for keeping our equipment safe and running during these frigid times of the year…not an easy job. This time of year is a challenge for the Long Haul / Regional Drivers as well…Fuel Gelling, Trailer Brakes Freezing, Low Batteries and all the wonderful things that these Drivers deal on a daily basis. Anybody who uses the Term “Lazy Truck Driver” should educate themselves on what these Long Haul/Regional Drivers do everyday to keep Goods and Service’s moving in this Country!


-Daniel M. Flagstad