Good Morning,

Well there’s a big Football weekend on the Horizon…Can the Pack get past Arizona? Not real confident but Very hopeful. Service One Transportation would like to Welcome a new Long Haul/Regional Driver …Ken and his Wife Melanie came in yesterday for a tour and Interview. I think Ken and his wife were Interviewing us instead of the other way around which is what we like to see from our new Drivers…Ken and Melanie are a perfect example of a Long Haul / Regional Driver who trying to balance work with home time to be with his family. The other issue I detected from Ken and his Wife is.. he being a very hard working Driver.. was certainly being Over Worked and Under appreciated…which is a huge problem in the Transportation industry! Well we are extremely happy to have Ken on our Long Haul/ Regional Driving Staff. Everybody have a great Weekend and of course… Go Packers!


—Daniel M. Flagstad