Good Morning,

I hope all you Long Haul and Regional Drivers are getting to your Destinations safely this morning. This time of the year is always tough for a Sales person in the truckload transportation services industry. The Freight Volumes are somewhat stagnant in other parts of the country so finding your Long Haul and Regional Drivers freight to get them home is a priority. Which leads to more pressure on staff to find other inbound freight opportunities ….Recently I called on a Company that we had done business with in years past. We hadn’t done much business but a few loads a month …years ago…So I thought I would touch base with the Logistics Manager to see if we could match up any Freight with equipment…possibly get our trucks home and save them a bit on their Transportation Budget. So I sent the Traffic Manager an email introducing myself and asking if I could take a few minutes of his time…No Response.. which is not unusual these people are busy trying to get their job done and don’t have a lot of time for Sales people. Then I made the MISTAKE of calling this Gentleman..He greeted me by yelling into the phone “I don’t have time for you people” and basically told me to stop calling him. I boiled the situation down to a person who was miserable in his Job and willing to do anything he could do to make others miserable along with him. My point in all this is as the owner and President of Service One Transportation it is not just my job to provide employment for Long Haul / Regional Drivers But also to Create an Environment where people treat each other with a Base level of respect. At Service One Transportation we strive everyday to treat our Driver and Dispatch Staff with Dignity and Respect….In my opinion if that’s not happening at your place of employment its a sign to move on….We should always stick to 1 golden rule in your career and in life ….Treat people as you would want to be treated. We try to do this everyday at Service One Transportation.

-Daniel Flagstad