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What Are The Biggest Problems In The Trucking Industry?

biggest issues in trucking business

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing trucking industry problems while also creating some new ones. As a result, commercial drivers must navigate emerging setbacks while working through demanding conditions. Still today, the challenges from 2020 affect transportation commerce.

With Service One Transportation, Inc. of Plymouth, WI, we work to establish positive work environments. To learn more about our trucking services, call toll-free at (888) 988-3344 or directly at (920) 467-4793. In the meantime, here’s a look at the most pressing issues facing the trucking industry:

Supply Chain Issues

One factor that continues to disrupt transport operations is supply chain issues. When the pandemic first hit, customers, scrambled to access certain items, such as hygiene products. Even now, the strong demand forces supply chains to reevaluate their distribution efforts while keeping safe work environments.

Truck drivers worldwide work harder than ever to get goods to their destination quickly while facing this critical issue. Massive retail and manufacturing closures create uncertainty for the future of distribution. In that uncertainty, commercial drivers have to bear the brunt of supply chain issues.

Truck Parking

While the demand for truckers continues to rise, parking accommodations do not meet that demand. Due to staffing and safety issues, rest areas around the country have closed and left drivers vulnerable. Without enough rest areas, drivers must either pay for parking or park on the side of busy highways.

Legislators and manufacturers continue to provide funding for new parking infrastructure. However, the time for construction and to satisfy many specific requirements keep these solutions from completion. Without comprehensive parking solutions, driver fatigue intensifies other trucking industry problems.

Driver Compensation

Many truckers and commercial drivers feel that the pay for driving endlessly without parking or much-needed breaks is insufficient. Though many transport companies continue to increase sign-on bonuses and wages, it is not enough to attract the necessary number of truckers.

However, companies like Service One transportation Inc. go the extra mile to ensure that they meet every driver’s needs.


One of the biggest deterrents of the trucking industry is the continuous exposure to danger. Though the field is plentiful in resources to prevent risk, carriers sometimes compromise safety reports to keep drivers moving. Faced with compromised safety, the trucking industry continues to grapple with vehicle issues, speeding, and weight issues.

Driver Turnover

The combination of extreme demand, fatigue, and lack of pay leads to driver turnover. Though the industry continues to attract newcomers, many new drivers leave within the first year. Forced to confront compounding problems, the trucker industry faces a crisis of driver retention.

Driving With Service One Transportation, Inc.

Service One Transporation, Inc. offers various flexible careers for commercial drivers. We value fair compensation through pay, time, and insurance. At Service One Transportation, Inc., we combat the above trucking industry problems and more to ensure our drivers’ wellness takes priority over everything.

To contact Service One Transportation, Inc of Plymouth, WI, call (920) 467-4793 or toll-free at (888) 988-3344 to see how we can get you on the road!