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Bring Your Family or Furry Friends on the Road

There continues to be great demand for Commercial Driver License (CDL) truck drivers. As businesses continue to grapple with supply shortages, transportation issues, and shipping delays, many are turning to trucking and shipping companies to get the work done and packages delivered. As a result, experienced truck drivers are in hot demand.

This booming career comes with a lot of perks, including a stable, good salary, benefits, and, at our business – Service One Transportation – we’re offering some other especially unique support.

Our Family Passenger/Pet Friendly Program allows drivers to bring their family members or four-legged friends along with them on the road.

Service One understands that drivers can spend a lot of time away from home – our drivers average 2,600 – 3,000 miles on the road per week. That’s why we want to make sure you get the support you need. In addition to ensuring you get plenty of time at home, we also want to make sure you can enjoy your time on the road with the people and pets you love.

Our Pet Friendly Program allows you to bring your furry family member along with you in your truck. And our Family Rider Program encourages you to bring family on the open road to show them how a professional driver operates.

As a family-owned and operated business, Service One’s top priority has always been our drivers. When we have talented and dedicated drivers, we do everything we can to keep them. There is plenty to like about working as a truck driver, but we know one of the greater challenges is being away from your family, which is what led us to offer our Family Passenger/Pet Friendly Program. The aim of the program is to make time on the road a little better and to support you and your family.

Not only do we provide this program to drivers, but we also offer great benefits including a competitive salary and stable work. Service One has low driver turnover because we support our drivers. The longer you drive with Service One, the stronger your benefits package, which includes a 401(k), health insurance, paid leave, quarterly performance bonus, cash referrals, and more.

As a locally owned and family first company, we understand the challenges that come with life on the road. We don’t treat our drivers like a number. We offer flexible scheduling so you can take time off when you need it, or, if you prefer longer stretches on the road so you can spend longer stretches at home, we can accommodate that, too.

Service One has a strong and loyal client base, which allows us to pay our drivers well consistently, even through economic downturns. As we see trucking become more important to sustaining our economy, our drivers have never been more important. We’ll continue to prioritize support, resources, and benefits for drivers because we know that drivers power our business.

From your family to your four-legged friends, check out all the benefits we offer here:

If you’re based in Wisconsin and interested in driving for us, call 888-988-3344 or complete the online truck driving job request form.

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