Good Morning All,

Well its that time of year again where Freight is busy and Everybody is trying to get loads scheduled & delivered. Keeping customers happy this time of year is not easy! With Freight volumes exceeding Driver capacity its a challenge to keep Customer expectations grounded. This is the time of year where I personally would like to thank all the Service One Drivers (Long Haul & Regional) these guys & gals bust their butts to keep up with the demand to cover Freight  and yet try to spend some quality time with their Family & Friends doing summer time activities…Not easy to balance all that! My job in sales is the easy part the Dispatch staff & Drivers do all the hard work. I just want to make sure that all the credit for a successful year (if 2016 is a successful year?) goes to the Drivers & Dispatchers…Their the ones doing all the heavy lifting! All you Long Haul and Regional Driver stay safe on the road and Make some time to enjoy your family & friends this summer.